Reliable, Resilient, Revolutionary

G&W Electric’s Viper-HV 72.5KV recloser is designed to provide overcurrent protection through fault isolation and automatic restoration for temporary faults on overhead sub-transmission lines.

  • Innovative 3-in-1 Device. This revolutionary solution incorporates reclosing technology, current transformers, and voltage sensors in a single space-saving design.
  • Automation Ready. Simplifying conversion for any future requirements, the Viper-HV provides faster fault isolation, restoration, and reconfiguration capability.
  • Design Flexibility. With modular and flexible mounting configurations and different relay options, it provides additional savings by not having a foundation in a fenced substation and control house.

Features & Benefits

Eliminate routine maintenance and improve personnel safety because the Viper-HV requires no oil or gas.

Current carrying is path protected from the environment with magnetic actuator connected to vacuum bottle, so there are no gears or motors to malfunction.

Features a recloser, CTs, and Voltage Sensors in a single space-saving design.

Simplifies conversion for any future requirements; provides faster fault isolation, restoration and reconfiguration capability.

Gain more design flexibility and cost savings by eliminating foundation in fenced substation and control house.

Adapts to the pole construction and relay selection that best matches your requirements with modular and flexible mounting configurations and different relay options.

Vacuum interrupter and all energized parts are sealed within field-proven solid-dielectric insulation, providing optimum operator safety and protection to prevent exposure to environment and wildlife.

Includes protection relay in an outdoor control with connectorized control cable on both ends.

ROI Pricing Tool

The Viper-HV pole top design delivers the capability of enhanced sub-transmission grid reliability and resiliency without the expense of a substation. Use our ROI calculator to learn how you can potentially save thousands of dollars by eliminating the expense of a substation.

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